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Just 10 countries drink two thirds of the world’s wine. World wine consumption reached 240 million hectolitres in 2015. An increase of 0.9 hectolitres. Wine production is thought to have rose to 274 million hectolitres.

The competition among wine producing and consuming countries has begun to spill out into politics as the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, stated his country makes finer wine than France. Adding insult to injury by claiming French wine was not better just “more expensive”.

Figures compiled by OIV and Decanter3 show that the US is the top wine consumer with 31 hectolitres followed by France at 27.2 hectolitres and tied for third Italy and Germany both consuming 20.5 hectolitres.1

The following is OIV’s figures on global wine consumption in 2015

CountryMillion Hectolitres
Change from 2014
United Kingdom12.92.4%

As wine consumption continues to climb in the US it’s important to remember the factors to effectively storing wine.

For most consumers the best place to store their wine, in lieu of a custom wine cellar, in their basement. It tends to be cool, dark and without wild temperature fluctuations. Humidity is another concern when it comes to storing wine at home. Basements tend to have less fluctuations than other areas of the home. If you’d like to take it a step further you can purchase an inexpensive hygrometer/thermometer to measure the temperature and humidity.

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