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Up and Coming: San Diego Winemaking

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san-diego-wineriesWine has been a popular commodity since humans began harvesting and storing fruit; so, it’s somewhat understandable that new up and coming wines can be hard to come by. This is especially true if the new wine is made outside of the “Old World.” Even Napa Valley had its detractors before it became the center of American winemaking.

San Diego, now a not so small part of California, is making a name for itself as an upstart in winemaking with a bright future. The San Diego Union-Tribune states that from 2012 to 2014 San Diego has seen an increase in acres harvested from 752 to 953. Although production has been down somewhat because of drought-like conditions throughout southern California, San Diego is becoming more and more popular as a destination for well made wines. For example, there was one tasting room in Romona (in San Diego County) in 2010 and now there is 25.

“It’s getting bigger all the time. There’s a lot of new investment in the wine business in San Diego County and a lot of folks who might not normally be into farming are getting into farming,” says Eric Larson, executive director of San Diego County Farm Bureau, a nonprofit advocacy group for farmers.[1]

With the success of San Diego breweries and the county’s other celebrated attractions, there is a large built-in tourism base. Combine that with the 3 million people who live in San Diego County and the growth of the wine business in San Diego could be set to increase exponentially.

Some of the wineries named “wineries to watch” are Vesper Vinyards, Los Pilares, and Vinivanti. Read more about San Diego wines, here.

Whether you’re adding some up and coming wines, like those from San Diego, or you’ve invested in some old world classics, an insurance policy that covers your investment is key. A comprehensive policy that covers your wine collection from the rigors of moving or the sudden flooding of a basement can be the difference growing the value of your collection.

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Know Your Wine Insurance Coverage

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Knowing what is covered by your wine insurance policy is very important. Some policies do not cover Extremes of Temperature which can put your wine collection at risk. With a policy from you are covered against, Extremes of Temperature, as well as against earthquakes, electrial breakdown and while in transit. Read more about our coverage, here.

We created the below inforgraphic to illustrate some points about wine insurance coverage including some of the most common ways in which a collection is damaged.

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